Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Way Back WHEN-esday!

Dateline: September 2006
Bryce and Drew's Age: 5 months old (they still have blue eyes!)

We had just relocated from Texas to where we live now. The house we bought was new and was not quite finished when we got to town. So, we lived in a hotel for 2 weeks! Thankfully, my Mom flew down to help out and make the move with us. She helped take care of the boys and to help wrap up looose ends in DFW, made the road trip with us and then lived in the hotel with us for 2 weeks! What a crazy time! Thankfully it went really well. They weren't mobile yet so we spent a lot of time playing on the bed with them!

***Can you see their bottles in the background?***

I remember friends telling me not to stock up on bottles prior to the boys being born becuase they may like different bottles. I thought that was crazy advice. Afterall, isn't a bottle just a bottle?


Sure enough, each boy had a preference! Bryce did the best with Avent bottles. Drew could not drink out of them because his mouth is so narrow - the milk would just spill out all over. So, he did best with Dr. Brown's bottles!

They were completely different from the very beginning!

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Ginger said...

Oh great I never throught about the bottle deal. I just got all Dr. Brown. I'll try to call you soon.

Cheryl Lage said...

Karen, I LOVE how you used the picture to demonstrate a tale of your twosome's uniqueness...

And those sweet little faces...adorable!

Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday!

BoufMom9 said...

What a GREAT picture of your beautiful boys! I had both of mine using Dr Browns, although neither could use the nippes that came with them. UGH!

Jamie said...

That is so true!! Two babies doesn't mean two matching bottles!!!

Great picture!!!

cc said...

Great picture! I love the pics you have down the side of the boys at various stages... but my favorite is of you all walking together! Very Cool!

Tjaardas in Florida said...

So cute, isn't it fun to look back and remember them when they were small. We also did the 2 week thing in a hotel in the moving process. I bet it was nice to have your mom helping with the move. I LOVE the fall pictures, the leaves changing, just beautiful. Everything is still green here in Florida. :)

Jeannie said...

Very fun to see how the boys have changed...They look so healthy and happy. !! Good job Karen and Jimmy...!! Hugs, Jeannie