Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Made The Newspaper!

Last week Jimmy and his mom took Bryce and Drew to the city park so they could have lots of room to ride around in their trucks. The boys had a blast driving up and down the hills! Our friend Amanda and her triplet boys happened to be there as well and joined our boys for a totally unplanned play date. Each car has 2 seats so they all took turns rotating the 5th child. Jimmy noticed a man and woman observing and enjoying the boys from a distance {Twins and triplets in the same place attract a lot of attention!} Eventually the man walked over to the group and said that he was an editor for our local newspaper. He thought the boys were really cute and wanted to take their picture. Of course, nobody argued with him!

Well the boys made The Daily Times in color! Isn't it cute?

The title to the picture was "Multiple Drivers!"

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Leilanni said...

Neat!! Maybe I can have their autograph??? :-)