Monday, October 20, 2008


I've been tagged. Leslie at Twice Blessed tagged me for this meme. To play, you have to go to your 6th photo folder and select the 6th photo from that folder to share.

Bryce and Drew are about 2 weeks old here. It was pretty typical in the first few months to see Drew crying. He was kind of a fussy baby. He had a condition called Laryngomalacia - a common condition in infants where the soft, immature cartilage of the upper larynx collapses inward during inhalation, causing airway obstruction. It causes stridor or noisy breathing - like he had the croop! Poor baby! Thankfully, our Pediatrician was correct when he said that most children will outgrown this condition by the time they are one.

Now it's my turn to tag 5 friends to play along!

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Ginger at Reagan Mackenzie

Have fun girls and don't forget to TAG 5 others!

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Leilanni said...

Fun! :-) I'm headed over to do mine right now . . .

Emma and Luke said...

Look at how tiny there were!! I think I can safely say that neither of my kiddos were ever that little. :) Great picture - thanks for tagging me, kinda fun to take a stroll down memory lane! :)

cat said...

My Little man L had the very same condition. Everybody kept telling me that his chest was wheazy. Then, off course when he got Bronchiolitis, I almost missed it! And he has also outgrown it by age 1.