Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July in Kansas City

We had an awesome few days with my cousin and her family in Kansas City. It was an extra treat to be able to spend time with my Aunt and Uncle who were also visiting from California. We are so thankful Bryce and Drew like to travel. They did not make a peep on the 5 hour drive to or from Kansas City!

(Trey - 12, Marcy, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Diane, Ellie - 10 w/Bryce, Dane - 2, Me, Jimmy w/ Drew and Cy - almost 5)
Marcy's children are all so fun to be with. They are each so unique and special! My boys love playing with all of them and the attention they receive! Trey and Ellie are especially sweet and attentive with Bryce and Drew.

Sweet little boys!




On the 4th we had a blast at the water fountains in downtown KC.

After playing at the fountains we went to The T-Rex Cafe - a really cool dinsosaur- themed restaurant. We went there at Christmas time when we were visiting and my boys had a blast, so we had to go back!

That evening we went to the local park for their fireworks show. We sat in the back of their pickup and in lawn chairs and enjoyed an awesome view of the show!

My boys have never seen fireworks before so it was a pretty amazing sight and sound for them! They clapped and yelled and threw their hands in the air after each one went off! The little boys were so cute playing together, eating their popcorn and going crazy!

My cousin Marcy is just 3 weeks older than me. We both lived in Washington state growing up and were like sisters. We used to plan that as adults we would marry, live next door to one another and raise our same-age kids together. Our husbands both have careers that have moved us around the country so it was pretty amazing that we ended up relocating just 5 hours away! She had 3 children and was pregnant with her 4th before I even got pregnant so it was an added bonus when I got pregnant just a few months later. And how cool that we have 3 boys, just 3 months apart!

We have thorouhgly enjoyed spending time with Marcy and her family over the past 2 years and are so sad that they are relocating to the Chicago area. We will be praying that your move goes smoothly. Thank you for having us this weekend and for your hospitality. Uncle Chuck and Auntie Di, it was great seeing you both. Thank you for loving us and our boys! We love YOU ALL and will miss you being so close!

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Harris Boys said...

what great pics. you look so pretty! and the boys look so big...I bet they loved the fireworks. my kiddos did! happy 4th!