Sunday, July 27, 2008

You're Doing What?

Today at nap time I could hear the boys laughing and being silly, long after I had put them down. I knew they were up to something. I walked into their room to find Bryce in bed with Drew and their cheeks puffed up like chipmunks. I thought it was cute too until I realized they were holding water in their mouths and spitting it over the crib railing onto the carpet!

They thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Mommy DID NOT...the carpet was soaked!

I've never been a fan of the term "the terrible two's" but I think I'm changing my mind!

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Harris Boys said...

ok I know that's not funny...but when you look back on this post in a few years you will laugh so hard. I thought it was absolutley hilarious too :)

Emma and Luke said...

I agree- so not funny as the mom but it's too funny when you're on the outside looking in!! :) Your boys are so sweet... I can't imagine having two at the same time, Luke runs me ragged! :) We were lucky enough to see your mom this week in Chelan - it was great to see her! Any luck in selling the house?

Leslie said...

That is pretty funny! You will look back and laugh, if you haven't already. I had to leave the room when Grace broke her bedrail during naptime so she wouldn't see me laughing. Don't worry, the twos aren't entirely terrible. Every so often, though, there's a moment that makes you think, "so THIS is what they meant when they said that!" Hope naptime goes better today!

Ginger said...

Sorry Karen, but it is pretty funny. Boys wow!


that is hilarious! boys, they are always up to something!! at least it was only water!