Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Newest Purchase

I knew I had to buy these when my friend Rebekah told me about them.

We are going on another road trip next week and I WILL NOT make the boys sleep in their pack n plays one more time. You know your babies have outgrown their pack n plays when they climb in and out with ease, when they scratch the mesh netting to a rhythmic beat and can touch the ends with their heads and feet!

The Camping EZ-Bed is a great option for traveling! It is an airbed that has a fitted slip cover and sleeping bag top that zip together. It also comes with an inflatable pillow and pillowcase (although not very comfortable!) It comes in the Disney "Cars" pattern and the Disney "Princess" pattern. I thought they were quite the bargain at Wal-Mart for $30! I sure wish I would have had one of these as a kid. It sure beats sleeping on the hard floor!

And the verdict?.........


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Harris Boys said...

awesome! great find...I need to check my local wal-mart for them. never hurts to buy in advance. love their smiles...

Sheila Fairly said...

Wow, if Alec saw those Lightning McQueen beds, he would want one.

The last three days he has decided that it is fun to take naps in his Thomas the Train tunnel.

I am trying to get "ahead" before we leave for our IL trip next Sat.

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh they look SOOO precious and COZY! Our two LOVE their sleeping bags...we take 'em everywhere.

Enjoy the ability to set up "camp" in all sorts of new locales!

Leslie said...

We will keep an eye out for those tomorrow at Wal-Mart. They would be perfect for the girls. In the princess pattern, of course. Thanks for the idea!