Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DFW Road Trip: Part 2

We only had a few short days in DFW so I crammed as much fun as I could into each day! I planned something every morning and evening with enough time in between for naps. We have so many wonderful friends that we wanted to connect with but unfortunately, there just wasn't enough time.

We did get to spend a few hours with my very special friend Christy and her sweet children. She has 3 1/2 year old twins, Morgan and Bailey. I am blown away each time I am with them. They are so well behaved and enjoyable to be around. I love to pick Christy's brain. Her kiddos are about 18 months older than mine so she has a lot of advice and wisdom to share with me about mothering twins! We played for a few hours at their house and then ate lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Bryce and Drew loved "rocking out" with Morgan and Bailey's guitars!

It is so fun to have our twins together. Aren't they cute?!
That evening we had dinner with our dear friends Willie and Stephanie. We also got to meet their precious little 3 month old baby girl, Siena. I cried when I saw her because she is such a miracle. Stephanie and I both struggled with infertility so it was pretty amazing to see them with a baby in their arms. They are wonderful parents and friends! Congratulations!
The next day we went to my friend Patti's house for lunch and swimming. She is actually my former employer from my sales rep days (before I became a SAHM!) Rebekah, another co-worker/friend joined us with her darling little girl Emma. Patti's children, Ryan (13) and Hope (9) were so polite and grown up. They were so sweet and helpful with Bryce and Drew. It was fun to see the boys play with Emma, too. They sure like little girls - who could blame them. Look at her big blue eyes and blond hair! I got so busy visiting that I only captured a few pictures! Thanks girls for the fun day and for the yummy lunch and dessert!

Lots of hugs with Emma And Hope!
Trey and Sheila offered to babysit the boys for us so Jimmy and I could go out to dinner...twist our arms! We enjoyed a yummy dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Thank you for playing with and loving our boys!post signature


Leslie said...

Maybe you could pass along some of your friend's wisdom! My girls are 3, and I feel like I'm constantly needing twin advice! Twins are such a blessing, but also a really unique challenge. You are so lucky to have someone that's a little ahead of where you are that you can talk to. Your boys are adorable!

Harris Boys said...

the boys are so cute...looks like you guys had a great time. how awesome to have a friend with older twins..someone that's been there and can give you some advice.