Thursday, July 31, 2008


We are SO excited! We have been planning this for a long time.






We are leaving today for our 3rd and longest summer road trip. My brother and sister-in-law are both in the Army based at Fort Knox Kentucky. Eric has been in Saudi Arabia for the past 6 months and is home on "leave." We're excited to see him, his wife Donna and my 2 nieces Logan and Jordyn. Jordyn is 2 days older than Bryce and Drew so it's always fun to see them all's like triplets! Eric and Donna went on a little get away alone this week so my Mom is there babysitting the girls. We are so excited to spend time with her too, and see her enjoy all of her grandbabies! It will be about a 10 hour drive so we will stay in a hotel tonight to break up our days.
Here's a couple of cute pics from this week...

Bryce has found new things to explore this week...he is such an investigator!

My sweet and silly Drew!

2 year old twins + 3 year old triplets = crazy play dates! (I can't show any more pics - the boys were swimming naked and I don't think they would appreciate their naked buns all over the Internet!)
A common sight - Mommy on the computer with 2 little monkeys crawling all over me!

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Harris Boys said...

hahah...I think you may have a few people confused for a few

have a GREAT time seeing your borther, sil and mom. 10 hr drive, WOW...good idea about breaking the time up. Since you're the road traveler can you give us some tips for driving with young children.

Have a awesome trip!!!

Katherine said...

You are so bad, Karen! I was really going to scold you if you were pregnant and hadn't told me when we talked on the phone this morning! Have a great trip!

Ginger said...

Oh you had me going Karen. Have fun on you trip.

Leilanni said...

Karen! My heart seriously stopped beating there for a second!!! You are too funny :-)

Have a wonderful trip!!!

Emma and Luke said...

Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves! I know your mom was sure looking forward to seeing all the kids. (big and little!)

It looks like your boys and Luke would get along VERY well. They are all curious and mischievous and I can see them getting into trouble together. :)