Monday, July 28, 2008

HUGE Savings!

For those of you that have little bitties still in diapers or know someone that does, check this out!

Target is having a clearance on diapers. We use Pampers Baby Dry brand for the boys. A 116 count normally costs $27.99 per box but the clearance price is $19.58! That's more than an $8 savings on each box! I noticed they had Huggies and Luvs on clearance too.

Check out your local Target - I know each store is different.

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Ginger said...

Thanks Karen. I will go and look today. I am trying to stock up.

Emma and Luke said...

Thanks for the tip! We went to Target today and I saved $4.00 on a box - that's almost a gallon of gas! :)