Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fish On!

While Nana and Papa R were here we unfortunately had some pretty rainy weather - effects from Hurricane Gustav. We did get to enjoy one warm, sunny day together at a beautiful state park nearby. Our friends Jeff, Kristina, Maddy and Keenan were camping at the park over Labor Day Weekend and invited us up for the day.

Nana and Papa bought the boys their first fishing pole, tackle box and nets(in the "Cars" theme) for their first fishing excursion. This was totally Jimmy's "cup of tea." He frequently recalls some of his favorite memories as a child and they always revolve around the outdoors - camping, fishing, hiking, etc. He especially has fond memories of fishing with his grandparents, so this was a very special day for him.

Of course, at the very moment Bryce so proudly caught his first fish, my camera battery died! Argh! By the time Papa ran to get his camera, we missed the moment.

Here's a few pics of the boys with their PRIZE!

My favorite pic of the day...

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Harris Boys said...

so sweet karen. what a great bonding day for the boys and their papa. love look so happy fishing!!

Harris Boys said...


Leilanni said...

how sweet! it looks beautiful there!!