Sunday, September 14, 2008


Last night was pretty eventful around here.

We felt the effects of Hurricane Ike all night long - 55+ mph winds and rain. It had such a huge force that the large trees in our yard were waving like grass! At one point we were preparing to bring the sleeping boys into our room because there were so many swinging trees outside their bedroom window. Thankfully, it began to die down.

We prayed all night long for safety and protection. God definitely answered our prayers! We woke up to a mess in our yard - lots of limbs, debris and leave, but no fallen trees.
Our neighbors were not so lucky. On our street alone there are over 10 huge trees completely uprooted and fallen. Jimmy and some of the neighbor men were up early cutting apart a tree that had fallen perfectly across the street. As we headed out for church Jimmy drove around to check on the other neighbors and an older couple had a tree crash down onto their home and through their kitchen! I'm not sure how, but they amazingly slept through the events! Jimmy stayed home to help him cut up the tree and remove it from his house!

Today is sunny and cool. Perfect weather for cleanup! I hope all of you that live in Ike's path are safe and sound!

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Emma and Luke said...

How Scary! I'm glad you are all okay and that there's no damage to your home... good luck with the clean up!

Harris Boys said...

oh scary. glad you guys are ok. My heart goes out to everyone in IKE's path.

Leilanni said...

Oh my word! I'm so glad everything was okay - what an anxious night!