Saturday, September 27, 2008

They Milked a Cow!

Last night we took the boys to their first rodeo. They both love animals so the petting zoo was of course a huge hit! They got to see long-horn cattle, goats, baby chicks hatching out of their eggs horses, cows and geese. The little pony was so cute we just couldn't pass up getting their pictures taken!
Drew thought the pony was pretty cool...
Bryce wasn't quite sure what to think of it!
They even got to milk a cow!

Before the rodeo started all of the children received a free stick pony and cowboy hat and got to run all around the arena. How fun is that!

Nana LOVES the rodeo!

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Harris Boys said...

omg they milked a cow...too funny! great pic karen!

Leilanni said...

How fun!! Those pony pictures are SO cute . . .are you going to get them one??? ha ha ha!!

Harris Boys said...

thanks for your comment karen about my hubby's b-day...I think I was more excited than he He had a great time, so it was ALL worth it.

and yes our fun green chairs are from that store!