Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hide and Seek

Bryce and Drew LOVE to play hide and seek. Nana and Papa R were here for the past 9 days so they got to play it A LOT with them! When Jimmy helps them hide, they do really good. They will sit completely still and not make a sound. One of their favorite hiding places is in the hall linen closet. The cupboard is several feet off the ground so he has to lift them into it. Here's their reaction when Papa and Nana discovered them...!

When the boys hide on their own, they don't do as well. They giggle and squeal and jump out so we can find them. They think they are so sneaky!

When the boys "seek" they stand in a corner, put their hands over their eyes, count to 20 and then say "Wedy o not, here we come!"

As soon as they find Nana and Papa, they squeal with joy and say,"Mo hide and seek!" And then they immediately hide in the SAME place that Nana and Papa were hiding in!

One time Jimmy hid each of the boys in their small canvas baskets that we store their stuffed animals in. They laid completely still, covered up with all of their animals until Nana and Papa found them. Then when it was their time to hide, Bryce was insistent that Papa was hiding in the small basket and didn't stop looking until he uncovered each stuffed animal. Just goes to show how sweet and innocent their little minds are. They don't completely understand the concept!

Bryce, where are you?
Can anyone find Drew?

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Mike and Shirley said...

How cute........play time is sooooo uncomplicated at the age. Ready or not, here we come......soon!

Harris Boys said...

omg..is that the cutest thing ever. look at their huge smiles...I can't wait for the boys to play hide and seek. SO CUTE!

Leilanni said...

Great pictures! You really captured the essence of each moment :-) Don't you love how little it (mostly) takes to keep them happy . . .just a great game of hide and seek and all is well in the world!