Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Way Back WHEN-esday

Dateline: March 2006
Bryce and Drew's Age: 4 days old

This was one of the happiest and proudest days in my life! I got to bring my 2 "miracle babies" home. After a long and very difficult pregnancy, it was such a relief and joy to bring our two, totally healthy babies home. And not ONE day spent in the NICU! Thank you God!

More on Bryce and Drew's amazing "story" to come!

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Harris Boys said...

love their little cute and tiny. beautiful miracles :)

S and R Schmitz said...

Wow can't believe the boys are growing up so fast!!!! What precious little men!!! Glad to hear you guys survived Ike with no damage. Love catching up with you through your blog. Keep it coming!!!