Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bryce Did it!

For months, we have told the boys if they did this, we would buy them some drums. Unfortunately... our bribe has not worked!

We can normally tell when they need to do this because they like to run and hide in their closet. We don't blame them...a little privacy is good!

Today was different!

This morning Bryce ran for his closet. He had "the look." I knew exactly what he was doing. I ran after him to catch him.

I said, "Bryce if you go poo-poo on the 'big boy potty' Mommy and Daddy will give you your drums!"

Amazingly, he agreed to try. Moments later, and much to our surprise, Bryce hopped up and yelled, "I did it! I went poo-poos on the 'big boy potty!' I get my drums?"

Way to go Bryce. We are so proud of you! That is a HUGE victory for the Richardson household!

Thank you Nana and Papa R for buying their drums!

We thought for sure Drew would be really upset that he didn't get any drums but he was very happy for his brother. He sat calmly and just watched Bryce playing with his new toy! He is a sweet, sweet boy!

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Rebekah said...

Yeah for Bryce! Love those drums ... where did you get them? Emma loves the drums too :)

JP's MOM said...

Hi Karen!

That is a great victory! Congrats to Bryce!

Mike and Shirley said...

Way to go, Brycie!!! We are so proud of you.