Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Look Mommy!"

So last night the 4 of us went to Target for a few things.

We were on the hunt for slippers and snow boots (we scored - both were 75% off!) for the boys because it has been SO cold here. The first display we see is lots of very skimpy swimsuits and spring apparel. Of course the boys have to ask, "What's dat?" It's definitely not something they've ever seen before in our home - and probably never will! What's up with swimsuits in January?

So as we head toward the shoe department was pass the "intimate apparel section." And this is how the very LOUD conversation progressed...

Bryce: "Look Mommy, BOOBIES!"
Drew: "Oh wow, Mommy, LOTS of boobies!"
Mommy: Very quietly, "Boys, those are bras."
Bryce: "Wow, I see BLUE boobies!"
Drew: "I see YELLOW boobies!"
Mommy: "OK boys, not so loud!"
Bryce: "Mommy, you have boobies!"
Mommy: "Yes, son, I do!"

Jimmy and I were just mentioning how well the boys have been talking. They will ramble off 8-10 word sentences and totally catch us off guard. It's like talking with little people!

I know this is just the start of many funny and potentially awkward public conversations to come!

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Leslie said...

Oh, how I symapthize!! Yes, this is just the beginning!

We were in Target last night, too, and a family with two boys were walking past the same section. They were also making some pretty funny observations! The parents were mortified, but it cracked me up!!

Rebekah said...

Emma and I were in JC Penney and she saw the bras in the little girl section ... she responded VERY LOUDLY ... "look, mom, baby bras!" Oh the fun has just begun!

JP's MOM said...

Too cute!

It never fails that these loud observances always occur in Target, where it is always so blissfully quiet.


Brandi said...

OMG! That is to funy! I know at the time it must not have been. Thanks for sharing!

Ginger said...

So funny!! I love it.