Sunday, January 25, 2009

It Was Inevitable!

Thankfully, Drew is feeling better.

Unfortunately, I got his same tummy bug. I was so sick on Friday I thought I was going to die! I had severe dizziness from being sick (I'll spare you the details!) and was scared to walk for fear that I would pass out...not a good idea with little ones! So, the boys basically laid in bed with me watching tv and played around my bed most of the day. It was horrible - simply changing their diapers would make me sick!

I felt good enough on Saturday to begin cleaning my disastrous house and to catch up on laundry...(It's amazing how quickly a house can get out of control after one day of doing nothing!) just in time for Bryce to get sick! I knew it was going to happen!

Oh, what a long, miserable week this has been!

Thankfully, Jimmy got home late last night. Daddy to the rescue!

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Stacy said...

Hope everyone in your house is better. If you were here I would have come over and changed diapers!

cat said...

Oh that is so cute! And love the photos - I have not been here for way too long.

DLJM said...

So sorry you have been sick but I was so glad to read that Jimmy is home after seeing the news of a fedex crash today in TX.