Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had an awesome Christmas!

Nana and Papa R and Uncle Randy FINALLY arrived on Christmas Eve at 4:30 am after delayed flights and lost luggage. The boys were so excited to see them! They had to show off just a little!

We went to the Christmas Eve service at church and then did our traditional birthday celebration. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and had birthday cake!
We got on the web-cam with Grandma and Papa M so they could open a gift from them. The huge tub of Lincoln Logs were a big hit because it came with a train set!
Uncle Randy read them a book before bed...

Christmas morning the boys woke Nana and Papa up with hugs and kisses!

Christmas stockings have always been my favorite thing to open...I love all the little stuff! So, I was looking so forward to the boys enjoying their stockings. They loved stuffing all of their goodies in their personalized step stools we got them!

Bryce and Drew are so cute to watch open their gifts. They truly savor and enjoy each thing they open. They would open a gift and play with it for about 30 minutes before they opened the next one, so it literally took them all day to open their stockings!
They loved the little things...
Like their binoculars
Their Mickey Mouse hair brush and mirror
Their Yo-Yo's
Cars flashlights, puzzles, guns and toothbrushes!
We enjoyed a nice Christmas breakfast and then got back to opening more gifts!

As the day went on, we were also able to get on the web-cam with Uncle Eric in Saudi Arabia. Uncle Eric and Aunt Donna got the boys some cool Thomas Trains. Then we got to see Papa and Gammie E and family on the web-cam. The boys got lots of cute clothes and cool CAT tractors.

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DLJM said...

So great to see the R's been years and they all just look so great.

Happy New Year to all of you.