Friday, January 30, 2009

Power Out: Day 4

After being couped up for a week with the flu and then all the shuffling around the past few days due to the power outages, we were in desperate need for some ways to burn energy!

Nana and Papa R gave the boys some money for Christmas so we could do some fun activities with them. We started a gymnastics class this month at the YMCA. Today was open gym for preschoolers so we took full advantage of it. Lots of fun running and bouncing was the perfect solution!

Bryce and Drew love to walk on the balance beams, to swing on the bars and to run and jump on the mats.

Their favorites are the trampolines

And the huge foam pit. They can slide down mats into the pit, jump of trampolines and blocks into it and swing on the bars into it. It's a blast!

When we got back to the condo, Jimmy took the boys sledding. We had the perfect setup being on a golf course. Who needs a sled when you can borrow the garbage can lids from the condo?!

Bryce loved the sledding...can you tell?

Drew wasn't as crazy about the sledding. He had much more fun sliding!

It was a GOOD day!
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Paula said...

Wow, that's an awesome ice storm. Glad you are able to go somewhere for electricity. The gym looks so fun.

JP's MOM said...

Good thinking with the trash can lids!

Glad you guys enjoyed the day!