Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poor Drew!

On the way home from gymnastics yesterday I was watching Drew through my rear view mirror. I could tell he was not looking or acting normally. His cheeks were red and he was making weird faces. I thought maybe he was too hot from being bundled up in his winter gear or maybe he was getting car sick.

Sure enough, he was not normal. He threw up all over himself. Of course he started crying and was very upset which caused him to throw up again - out his mouth and nose!

Poor baby. I pulled over to wipe his face and mouth off just as he threw up again. Now it's all over his face, running down his jacket and puddled up in his car seat. Ugh...I do not do well with the sight and smell of vomit! I tried my hardest to hold it together and not get sick myself!

In 34 months of life, I am very thankful that they have never thrown up before. This was a whole new yucky experience!

Well, it turned out that it was not motion sickness. Drew threw up another 8 times! Of course, this would happen this week - Jimmy is on a 6 day trip!

Thankfully, today is going better. He has been drinking and eating just a little. So far, so good! I'm hoping that is was just a 24-hour flu and that Bryce and I will be protected from it!

On a funny note...

I was explaining to Bryce that Drew was really sick and that he would be sleeping in Mommy's bed so I could keep a watch on him. Bryce said, "so you can see when he blows his nose?" I didn't understand what he was saying so he told me again using sound effects. Then I understood. He thought Drew was blowing his nose when he was vomiting!

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Leslie said...

I'm so sorry he's sick... especially when you are by yourself! The girls get lots of stomach bugs, so I can sympathize. No fun! I'll pray that no one else gets sick!